All Aboard

According to the North American Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers use content to drive sales, find new customers, and build customer loyalty. Despite the fact that on average they use 13 content marketing tactics that include everything from social media and blogging to printed newsletters, less than half feel they are effective at content marketing.

Ultimately most interactions are a visit to a web-landing page. According to Alex Becker, founder of Source Wave Marketing, marketers are missing the boat or in this case the “Action Train.” Becker believes customers are like big, clunky trains that take a lot of effort to get moving, but pick up steam and keep moving pretty efficiently.

Mr. Becker recommends getting the train moving with uncluttered landing pages with as little as one choice to make. Once the prospect is on your website clicking away, ask for more information, but don’t derail the interaction by probing for information you don’t need right now. They’ll be time to ask customers for more during the trip as long as they stay on the train.

Now ask yourself: Are you leaving your prospects at the station by making it too complicated to get onboard your Action Train?