Custom Name Tags for Conferences

Washington, DC hosts hundreds of conferences a year. With beautiful hotels and spaces for conferences in our nation’s capital, it’s no wonder why so many organizations come to Washington, DC to host their annual conference.

If you are planning such an event, you understand that registration is a job within itself. Whether you are planning for 500 people or 5,000, managing everyone’s name, schedule, check-in, and more is a huge job.

Along with managing guests, many event planners choose to have custom name tags for everyone in attendance. Name tags are a great special touch to help your guests know who others are without feeling rude or awkward.

When you are looking for an easy way to print name badges for your big event, look no further than Herron Printing & Graphics. Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, our printing company can customize your badges to ensure they match your conference’s brand and theme. Our printing company is precise and organized so you can worry less about name badges last minute. If your conference is in the Washington, DC metro area, count on us for custom name badges.

Why Have Custom Name Badges at Conferences?

Custom name badges are great for any event—large or small. Some reasons to have name tags include:

  • Guests feel less awkward – almost everyone has felt uncomfortable because the other person knows your name; however, you forget their name. Ease tension with name badges so no one forgets anyone’s name.
  • Staff are recognizable – chances are you are going to have a handful of people working the event to ensure it runs smoothly. Have a separate name badge for staff so guests know who to go to with questions.
  • You know who did not attend – unfortunately, things pop up and people can’t attend. Know exactly who is at your event with name badges that are never claimed.

Choose Herron Printing & Graphics for Name Badge Printing

If your conference is in the Washington, DC metro area, choose Herron Printing & Graphics to print your badges. We can design your badges and create as many name tags as you need with our premium printers.

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