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With email, social media, and many other advertising methods available online, many marketers consider direct mailing campaigns to be old-school, and not worth the time and money. By underestimating the importance of direct mailings, an extremely effective advertising avenue can be missed. Today, more than ever, direct mailings have one of the highest impacts on consumers. In facts, a study done by the DMA showed that direct mail has a response rate thirty times greater than email. Why is this the case?

Benefits of Direct Mailings in the DC Area

With computers filling in for most of the human contact in today’s world, it may surprise you that direct mailings are so effective. The reasons for this are numerous.

  • History. Because direct mailings have been used for a long time, there is a lot of data available as to what works and what doesn’t. There are guidelines that determine what days are best to send, what kinds of products sell better and much other tried and true details that help avoid trial and error.
  • Personalization. Mail sent directly to a customer, whether past or future, can be personalized. This allows the customer to feel like they matter and you aren’t just interested in their money.
  • Targeted. Rather than putting an ad somewhere that people of all interests visit, you can send your mailings to a highly targeted group that has shown interest in your type of product or service. If they have already shown interest, the rate of success is greater.
  • Cost-effective. With the multitude of design software available, it doesn’t take much effort to design a piece for direct mailing and have it printed out professionally. With so much being computerized, prices are not nearly as high as they once were.
  • Flexible. You can send a flyer advertising a sale or offering a coupon. Postcards can be sent or you could send an envelope with a personalized magnet or key chain. The number of ways you can use direct mailing is only limited by your imagination.
  • Familiar. People are familiar with actual mail they can hold in their hand. A person is more likely to open a piece of mail that is delivered to their home than they are to take time to read an email that comes through their Inbox along with a hundred others.

Now that you see the benefits of sending a direct mailing to your customers, you might be asking yourself when it is appropriate to send one. Let’s take a look.

When To Send Direct Mailings

There are many opportunities that lend themselves to a direct mailing.

  • Business opening
  • New Products
  • Announcing a sale
  • Provide information
  • Any special event, including holidays

How to Send a Direct Mailing

In order to run a direct mailing campaign, you need to first decide what ind of mailing you would like to send: flyer, postcard or something else. You also need to acquire a list of targeted individuals to mail it to. Next comes the design and printing—which is easily done if you live in the Washington, DC area. Contact Herron Printing & Graphics and we will have high quality mailings in your hands before you know it. Finally, send out your mailings and watch your customer count increase. You won’t hesitate to start thinking about your next mailing adventure.

Ready to send a direct mail piece to residents in the Washington, DC area? With Herron Printing & Graphics, we do the hard work. We have finely-tuned machines so your prints are done fast. We also have machines that seal and label your direct mailings! After we are done, we can even take them to the postcard to be mailed. Yes, we can take care of just about everything you need to send direct mail.

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