How Often Should I Mail a Newsletter?

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With the increased reliance on Internet interaction, we are seeing less postal mail being delivered. Yet, more so than ever before, you should consider mailing out a newsletter to your contacts. What was once considered a part of every business’s marketing strategy has now become more of a rarity. Because of the amount of content that can be found online combined with the fewer direct mailers being sent to homeowners, now more than ever is a great time to send direct mailers and newsletters to your potential customers.

Benefits of a Newsletter

Sending out a regular newsletter gives you many benefits that other forms of contact fall short in providing. Among these are:

Less competition for attention. With the majority of businesses and organizations using email, there are fewer pieces of mail actually arriving in people’s home mailboxes. Therefore, your newsletter isn’t as likely to get lost among dozens of other newsletters.

Increased visibility. When sent regularly, your newsletter is a consistent reminder that you exist. Often it will be placed on a desk or table and catch the eye of your target every time they pass the area. Simply seeing it will bring up reminders of the information it contains.

Greater chance of being read. It is easy to push a delete button on an item in a full Inbox. Receiving an actual copy of your newsletter, however, will see more people taking the time to open it and at least scan the headlines. If you make the headlines catchy enough, there is bound to be at least one item that gets them reading.

More personal. Having something delivered to the door of your home, addressed to you carries a personal factor that a computerized communication can’t quite match, even if it addresses the receiver by name. There is a feeling of holding something in your hands that conveys a deeper emotion than data does.

How Often Should I Send My Newsletter

Sending a newsletter too often seems to lessen its effect according to several studies that have been conducted. The two frequencies that have the most positive effect on those receiving newsletters is monthly or quarterly. A lot of this depends upon your particular targets and the kind of business you run. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Monthly newsletters keep you in mind more frequently, but they are normally shorter and over time may become something find themselves looking forward to less and less.
  • Quarterly newsletters come often enough to keep you visible, often contain more information, and don’t feel like as much of an intrusion. If your business changes frequently, however, they may be outdated.

The best thing you can do is ask your customers. They will let you know how frequently they feel comfortable hearing news and updates from you. Ideally, a quarterly newsletter fits most needs, but asking your receivers will give you a better idea of your personal situation.

How to Send a Newsletter in the Washington, DC Metro Area

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