Book Printing for Gaithersburg, MD Businesses

Self-publishing has never been easier. With the expert help of the professionals at Herron Printing & Graphics, you can print bound novels and books in black and white or full color. From children’s books to memoirs and everything in between, we can help you turn your words into print.

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Book Binding Services

At Herron Printing & Graphics, we won’t just print your book—we can go the extra mile to add finishing touches to your project. We offer a lot of different binding options, and we guarantee that our binding will be secure and attractive! Some of our binding services include:

  • Cutting – To get your book in the perfect shape, we offer smooth, clean cutting services.
  • Sorting – Of course, binding wouldn’t be worth anything if your pages were out of order. We strive for accuracy!
  • Collation – Essential for any large-scale printing of books, we’ll print your books in individual sets and sort them out to individual elements to be bound.
  • Booklet making – For the simpler book projects. We offer a wide variety of binds to hold your booklet together.
  • Binding – For the premium books that need to look as professional as possible, we offer book binding.
  • Round cornering – Truly give your book a unique feel with rounded corners that will make your project stand out.
  • Hole drilling – Perfect for making documents that need to go in a binder and stored individually.
  • Scoring and folding – Our folding and scoring machines make accurate folds that won’t mess up your pages.
  • Perforating – For unique documents that require tearable sections, we can perforate your pages.
  • Stapling – Stapling is our most basic binding, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! Combined with our folding services, you can create fantastic booklets at a cheaper cost.
  • Shrink wrapping – After your project is printed and bound, we’ll even shrink wrap them individually for shipment and distribution.

Professional Book Printing & Binding Services

Let us help you turn your ideas into written word. Our book printing and binding services provide a wide range of options for every price point so you’re sure to find an affordable solution with a professional look.

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 Why Choose Herron Printing & Graphics?

We have a legacy of excellence. Since 1982, we’ve been a family-owned business providing quick printing services. Over the years, as our business has grown, we’ve increased our capabilities and developed sophisticated printing and production techniques.

We have a wide range of popular paper products on hand in our Gaithersburg, MD office, so we’re able to print four-color processes on-site, resulting in a fast turn around time.

Our team wants to partner with you to bring more than just printing to your home or office. We can help you create strong communication with clients to help promote long-term relationships, as well as help with design and graphics for any event or party you’re hosting.

Let us bring our full suite of marketing and printing services to the table for you! Give us a call, contact us online, or visit our shop in Gaithersburg today!

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