Even with what seems like a Starbucks on every corner, the company hasn’t tired of its quest to make sure its coffee is the last drop in the bottom of every cup. In addition to retail products for home use, Starbucks has added more drive-thrus, coffee trucks for college campuses, and even rare bean tasting rooms to appeal to what seems like the needs of every potential customer.

You might think Starbucks has thought of everything. But you’d be wrong.

New York City-based Craft Coffee has created a subscription service not too unlike online dating sites like, but it takes personalization to new level in the coffee world. Its online system doesn’t just remember what you’ve ordered before, but it matches your preferences to a database of coffee characteristics and sets you up with data-driven bean recommendations. The more feedback customers provide from their coffee “dates”, the more refined their matches become.

Craft Coffee isn’t trying to be all things to all coffee drinkers. The company is looking for a smaller audience wanting a more committed relationship with their coffee.

Beating the big guys means refining your search for customers to those that match your business perfectly or refining your business so that you can provide something very unique to a specific type of customer.