Dinosaur Ways

According to CSO Insights, only 63% of sales reps achieve their sales quotas annually. Many attribute these dismal performance numbers to the fact that buyers have changed their behaviors, but sellers still cling to “best practices” that have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Today’s reps have only a 5% chance of reaching a new prospect by phone, and Leap Job reports that only 2% of cold calls result in appointments. With the average account attrition rate somewhere between 10% and 30% per year, reps need new ways to successfully engage with potential new customers.

Luckily for these beleaguered sales reps and their equally stressed managers, social selling has proven to help reps exceed their quotas 23% more often.

Social selling goes beyond just “connecting” with potential customers. Successful reps are using social media platforms to learn about their prospects’ pressing concerns and to position themselves as valuable resources for information and insight.

But before you turn your reps lose on prospects, look at your reps’ profiles on LinkedIn—the social platform used by most business professionals—to determine if their profiles will catch the attention of prospects who check them out. If you don’t think they will, start there!