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Why hasn’t the digital revolution killed direct mail? Because print is powerful! People love to hold something in their hands. That “touchability,” along with strong visual appeal, can make a humble direct mail piece come alive.

Save time, energy, and money with our direct mail and general mailing services. From start to finish, we can help you get the right message out to the right people. By purchasing a mailing list, you can easily target your ideal prospect. We can then imprint these names and addresses onto your envelope or mailer and do the mailing for you!

Not interested in purchasing a list? Ask us how to take advantage of an entire postal route with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program. We also offer mailing services such as addressing, stuffing, sealing, sorting, and delivery right to the post office to help get your next project out on time and on budget.

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How Does Direct Mail Work?

At Herron Printing, we do full-service direct mail marketing, including:

  • Design – Our experienced graphics staff stays on top of today’s marketing trends, as well as tried-and-true best practices. We can design a direct mail piece for you that speaks your brand language and makes an impression.
  • Print – Our ultramodern onsite printing technology makes cost-effective excellence a matter of course. With a range of options to choose from (paper and ink are just the beginning!), your direct mail piece will be as distinctive as your business.
  • Mail – That’s right; we can take care of mailing your materials too. This increased efficiency helps save you money.

Our Direct Mail Marketing in DC, MD & VA

Once your direct mail marketing piece comes off the press, we can finish it and prep it for the mailbox. Our services include:

  • Folding, inserting, and collating – We have finely-tuned machines that do all this at incredible speeds!
  • Sealing and labeling – Our systems rival those of the post office.
  • ZIP code sorting and standard/bulk mail – We do it here to save you time and money.
  • Delivery to post office – Yep, we take care of that too!
  • Database management – We’ll keep track of your lists and help make them more effective.

We do direct mail marketing services for companies in Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville, and the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia. Contact us today to get started on your direct mail campaign!

Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

YES! Direct mail marketing has become increasingly sophisticated, incorporating web tools, personalization, and aesthetic appeal. Why does it work so well?

  • It’s focused and targeted – There’s a reason it’s called direct mail—it goes directly to the people who are most likely to respond to your message and take action. And you can tweak your message for different areas or demographics, making your appeal more meaningful to specific recipients.
  • You can track its effectiveness – Think you’re just blanketing an area with flyers and hoping for the best? No way! With promo codes, custom landing pages, and other ways to track inquiries, you can see how well your campaign is working.
  • It makes a great centerpiece for a marketing campaign – Start with a postcard or dimensional in the mail. Then lead your prospects to a unique URL via a QR code. You can even send them to a personalized page with a specialized call-to-action. You can also combine your direct mail piece with television or radio ads, or a social media campaign. The opportunities for creativity are endless!
  • Direct mail is tangible and personal – With the right combination of color, texture, and design, a postcard is no longer just a postcard—it’s something special that creates a positive experience for the recipient. And the options go way beyond a 4X6 card. We can create mailable art with dimensional mailers, laminated foldovers, ornamental envelopes, and more!

Schedule Direct Mail Services in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia

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Why Choose Us for Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing puts your name in front of the consumer. At Herron Printing & Graphics, we want to help your direct marketing campaign be a success with the help of our complete range of mail services.

We have a legacy of excellence. Since 1982, we’ve been a family-owned business providing quick, professional printing and direct marketing services. Over the years, as our business has grown, we’ve increased our capabilities and developed sophisticated printing and production techniques.

We have a wide range of popular paper products on hand in our Gaithersburg office, so we’re able to print four-color processes on-site, resulting in a fast turn around time.

Our team wants to partner with you to bring more than just printing to your home or office. We can help you create strong communication with clients to help promote long-term relationships, as well as help with design and graphics for any event or party you’re hosting.

Let us bring our full suite of direct marketing and printing services to the table for you!

Give us a call at 240-406-4083, contact us online, or visit our shop in Gaithersburg today!

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