Envelope Basics

Envelope Types, Measurements & Mail Requirements

Whether you are looking for envelopes for invitations or for your company’s mail, you are probably already aware that they can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. When choosing the right envelope for your needs, count on Herron Printing & Graphics to supply you with the quantity you need printed how you want. With our invitation printing service, you can easily send your envelopes out to your guests in no time!

Check out the different sizes of envelopes below and call Herron Printing & Graphics for envelopes in the Washington, DC metro area.


2-Way RemiTTance

A dual-purpose envelope that includes a statement and provides for the return of orders and remittances. The large flap can be printed with a message, detached at the perforation, inserted in the envelope and sealed.

Air Mail

This envelope is used as a postage cost saver for international applications and is made from lightweight papers with red and blue borders, inside tint for opacity and air mail legends. May be used domestically but will not receive preferential handling or meet OCR requirements for the U.S. Postal Service.


The open-side configuration allows for overall printing.


This envelope features an open-end style (opening on shorter dimension) with center seam, and is for large booklets, as the heavily gummed flap offers protection for heavy enclosure. Cannot be processed through insertion equipment or laser printing.


An open-end style, similar to the catalog, but with a metal clasp, which ensures protection to its contents. Usually inserted by hand, it is not suitable for printing or mechanical applications after converting.


Most coin envelopes are not mailable or suitable for automatic processes.

Combination Statement & Return/Remittance

A return envelope with large printing surface ideal for mail order, subscriptions, donations, coupons and general remittance needs. Usually included are different elements to facilitate a response from the recipient.


These envelopes have open sides and diagonal seams, and feature deep, sharply dropping shoulders that offer a larger corner card printing area, making them ideally suited for machine insertion and laser and postal applications.


Open side with two outside seams for easy insertion. The heavily gummed hexagon flap ensures security for the contents.


Open-end style envelope with scored and extended flap is available with plain flap (no gum) or latex seal.

Drug and Pay

These small open-side envelopes are used by florists, druggists and other businesses.

First Class Mailers (Open End)

Catalog-style envelopes printed with green diamond border and First Class Mail to expedite postal handling. Available with regular seal adhesive (gum), latex seal and Peel & Seel®.

First Class Mailers (Open Side)

Booklet-style envelopes printed with diamond borders and First Class Mail to expedite postal handling. Can be used for mailing reports, manuscripts, brochures and other flat materials. Not recommended for automated insertion postage meter.


This style envelope is commonly used for interoffice correspondence, has ungummed flap, eight holes—plain or with button—and string closure to assure privacy for the contents. Printing, closure and number of holes can vary to meet material requirements.


Jumbo envelopes are available in brown, gray and white kraft with plain flap (no gum) or gummed flap. They are used by advertising agencies, printers, architects, engineering firms, photographers, hospitals, etc., requiring larger than standard size envelopes.

Latex Seal Catalog

Similar style as catalog, but with a latex closure consisting of latex gum strips applied to the body and flap of the envelope. When folded, flaps seal together without requiring moisture.


Open-style envelope used for special applications like payroll and small jewelry.

Peel & Seel® Document

Available in 40-lb. Brown kraft. These large envelopes open on the long dimension with 4” gum flap for extra security when mailing important documents.

Peel & Seel® Document (Open End)

When the release-tape liner is removed and the flap is pressed down it seals on contact without moisture. Printing after the envelope is folded can be accomplished without interfering with the quality of the seal.

Peel & Seel® (Open Side)

When the release-tape liner is removed and the flap is pressed down, it seals on contact without moisture.

Proxy Bi-Pack

A booklet-style envelope with window placement on the back and a polyclear-covered address window with pull-out tab and perfs. Data card/statement pocket is placed on the back of the envelope.

Proxy Dual-Pack

A booklet-style envelope with a statement pocket and polyclear covered address window on the face for mailing annual reports and proxy statements. Envelope design is compatible with inserting equipment.

Side-Seam/E-Z Insert

This envelope offers a larger printing area uninterrupted by seams. The straight grain cutting and the specially tapered seal flap and throat contribute to better performance in sealing and automatic insertion applications.


This envelope has two latex surfaces that seal on contact. Flaps are folded down to allow for printing processes.

Square Flap

This contemporary flap style adds a touch of elegance to any business correspondence. Well suited for engraving, thermography and lithography, but not recommended for automatic insertion.


With a square flap, its side-seam construction allows for printing unobstructed by seams. Good choice for announcements, booklets and promotions. All square envelopes require a surcharge for mailing.


A special spot-seal tape closure allows for repeatsealing of flap.

Wallet Flap

Mostly used by banks or investment firms for mailing statements and other documents. The deep flap and extra-wide gummed area offer additional protection to the contents.

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