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A great envelope helps your business stand out and can be a deciding factor in whether or not someone opens your letter. Herron Printing can help you design the perfect envelope, with a logo, photo, tagline, and more. We can even print matching business cards and letterhead for a complete identity package.

At Herron Printing & Graphics, we can design and print many different sizes and shapes of envelopes. These range from standard black ink #10 business envelopes to completely custom envelopes with features like foil stamps or interior printing.

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Custom Envelopes for Any Business

Business envelopes come in many sizes and styles, with the most common type known as the #10, or legal envelope. Business envelopes are used for many types of business-related uses, such as mailing letters, brochures, checks, sending a catalog, etc. Herron Printing offers a variety of business envelope styles, including:

Square flap envelopes – The most popular envelopes we offer, square flap envelopes are perfect for invitations, announcements, photos, and greeting cards. Square flap envelopes are constructed with an elegant, distinctive square flap and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and weights.

Regular envelopes – Regular envelopes are commonly used to send letters, invoices, checks, and other business mailings. “Regular” refers to the fact that these are closed faced envelopes with no window.

Window envelopes – Window envelopes are used for many business and personal correspondence purposes, allowing an address to show through the window, eliminating the need to write on the outside of the envelope.

Open-end envelopes – Sometimes called catalog envelopes, open end envelopes have the flap on the shorter side of the envelope and are available in a huge range of sizes for anything you need to send.

Booklet envelopes – With the flap on the longer side of the envelope, booklet envelopes are popular for sending brochures, announcements, statements, photos, and other mailings that are commonly inserted without folding the contents.

Document envelopes – If you need to safeguard important documents that cannot or should not be folded, document envelopes are the perfect professional solution. Openings on the long side allow for easy paper insertion, and thick envelopes protect your mailings.

Clasp envelopes – With rust-resistant metal clasps, strong reinforced holes, and heavily gummed flaps made from heavy-duty kraft or manila stock, clasp envelopes provide secure and durable closure that protects the contents from accidental opening.

Remittance envelopes – Used by charities, billing agencies, schools, churches, mail order companies, and other businesses and organizations for ordering or remittance applications, these envelopes provide a large printing surface for order blanks and other information required by the sender.

Expansion envelopes – A commonly used alternative to heavy boxes and cartons, expansion envelopes are used for bulky materials, such as brochures, catalogs, financial reports, or book mailings.

Specialty use envelopes – We even have a variety of specialty envelopes available for unique applications. Our diverse assortment of specialty use envelopes ranges from credit card sleeves and coin envelopes to W-2, Ticket, and X-Ray envelopes and everything in between.

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