Educational Printing in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Despite the trend toward digital and electronic documentation, the need for printed materials remains important within the educational industry. In fact, schools, universities, and academic groups are some of the largest consumers of printed materials. Between forms, documents, learning tools, and more, print materials will continue to be used in classrooms and at an administrative level.

Herron Printing & Graphics understands the needs and the financial challenges that educational institutions face with keeping costs in line with their budget constraints. We take pride in being your go-to printing company in the greater DC area.

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Printing Services for Educational Institutions in the Greater DC Area

The need for documentation and consistency is imperative for all educational institutions. Herron Printing & Graphics can provide your school with the printed materials needed to make the learning environment the best it can be. In addition to normal needs for printed stationery, there are a variety of products that should be printed, including the following items.

Report Cards

While some school districts have adopted the method of distributing student grades online, the need for printed report cards will never be entirely replaced. After all, some families may not have internet access or the digital devices needed to access online grades. Printed report cards also provide a paper trail for documentation and security purposes. Producing uniform and consistent report card forms ensures that your school system will be able to maintain the same standards each year for every grade level.

Application, Registration, and Other Records

The educational industry must maintain printed documents and forms to comply with both state and federal guidelines for protecting and storing sensitive student information. For example, some records may only be accessed after a parent has signed a release form. Post-secondary educational institutions, such as colleges and universities require a great deal of paperwork during the application, registration and enrollment processes. While many schools have adopted online registration, there remains the need for printed materials containing student information.

Graduation Printing

Printed materials including tickets, programs, award certificates, and diplomas are necessary for graduation ceremonies to honor the completion of your students’ studies. At Herron Printing, we can also provide pamphlets for the ceremony as well as graduation invitation services.

Marketing Materials

The educational industry often requires fliers, tickets, programs, posters, and signs to promote performances or special events, including theater performances, concerts, and graduations. Course catalogs, direct mailing materials, and promotional products can be used in marketing efforts to attract new students to the school.

Alumni Newsletters and Fund-Raising Mailings

Keeping alumni up-to-date with information about your school and keeping your school community updated with alumni accomplishments helps maintain interest that can be directed toward fund-raising efforts throughout the year.

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Print Materials for Schools in DC, MD & VA

If you work in the educational industry and are interested in getting the best print materials possible, the team at Herron Printing & Graphics can help. We want to be your go-to printing company, and we will work hard to make sure every printed product is the best product possible.

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