It’s a Matter of Trust

A key component of a successful sales campaign is trust. Customers must believe that a company has the expertise to help them accomplish their objectives and the fortitude to live up to expectations set during the sale.

The brunt of the responsibility of fulfilling a company’s promise to customers falls on customer-facing staff like sales, customer service, and helpline support. But, it doesn’t stop there. It’s the job of everyone in a company to uphold promises made to customers.

A shipping clerk who realizes that the package in front of him won’t be delivered unless he stays a little past the official end of his work day but refuses is breaking the promise. A billing clerk who knowingly sends an inaccurate bill because management measures job performance on getting them out not accuracy is breaking the promise.

A CEO focused on selling the company who leans on his VP of Sales to book questionable business is breaking the promise.

The foundation of any great company is built on customer trust. Great leaders build organizations in sync with promises to customers.