A Marketing Hat Trick

Capitalizing on the groundswell of interest generated by its second Stanley Cup win since 2012, the LA Kings set out to convert single-game ticket buyers to more profitable season ticket holders. The organization’s marketing game plan began by linking its ticketing database with other data sources from social media, mobile, and its website to create a holistic and more detailed view of LA King fans. Next, the organization capitalized on this new singular view to improve the segmentation of fans and better target e-mail and website messaging to each individual. Lastly, the LA Kings revamped its social media engagement strategy by using a sweepstakes to attract new Twitter followers and then reached out to them through direct messages to start one-to-one relationships with what had been a largely anonymous audience.

The LA King’s marketing hat trick used data, personalization, and engagement to not only sell out its season ticket base, but also create a bench of loyal fans ready to snap up any tickets that become available in the future.

Whether you sell to consumers or businesses, take a lesson from the LA Kings and beat your competition by personalizing your marketing messages using customer data and incorporating ways for your fans to interact with you.