Beyond Words

According to a recent study by Roper, 60% of business executives believe that content helps them make better buying decisions. Furthermore, the 2016 Demand Gen report found that these decision-makers consume between 3 and 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. Your content helps prospects find you, and it also validates your credibility among the individuals that your sales organization finds. Content is a big deal, and that’s why most businesses create a lot of it!

As it turns out, though, it’s not words or images that get the most attention—91% of your buyers prefer content that is visual and has an element of interactivity. Interactive content like assessments and quizzes converts two times better than a static piece of information.

Still not convinced? Blackbaud, a supplier of software and services for non-profits, ended its year at 133% of plan after adding relevant interactive content to its marketing mix. Meanwhile, Unitrends (a cloud services company) added a themed assessment to one of its lead gen campaigns and generated more than 700 leads and put more than $1 million in its sales pipeline. The Corporate Executive Board, a global leader in B2B insight, increased its click rate by 54% after adding an interactive call to action to a LinkedIn ad.

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Quote of the Week:

“By its very nature, interactive content engages participants in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios. It’s a great way to capture attention right from the start. Individuals have to think and respond; they can’t just snooze through it.”

– Scott Brinker