Marketing Minute: Social Engagement

Mobile e-mail opens surpassed desktop opens for the first time in 2015, and the now ubiquitous smartphone is changing the way shoppers interact with brands. Smart marketers have tapped into the power of platforms like YouTube and Facebook to drive more interaction, encourage purchases, and constantly expand their audience.

According to a Neustar survey, 46% of Millennials considered social media ads to be extremely or somewhat influential in getting them to research a product or retailer online. Over half of Millennials say that social media advertising influences their decision to purchase a product, and Boomers are catching up fast!

The problem with all of this interaction is that your customers need things to interact with—and this can deplete marketing resources. One brand, HotelTonight, turned to its fans to create videos that are just as engaging and shareworthy as those requiring sophisticated production techniques. HotelTonight married this user-generated content to a social media ad campaign and drove enough app downloads to make its content the most downloaded in its category in only a month.

HotelTonight’s success isn’t a fluke—Mavrck data confirms that good user-generated content can create engagement rates that are 6.9 times higher than those of brand-generated content. User-generated content is a cost-effective tactic for businesses of all sizes, but few small companies have tapped into its power. Get started today by brainstorming ways that your customers can start showcasing your products or talking about your company online. It works!

Quote of the Week
“Nobody will have control of the media in the future, because user-generated content is going to become the major content.”
– Jimmy Lai