Oh Say Can You “C”

According to a study by Google and Milliard Brown Digital, C-Suite decision-makers have the final say in 64% of deals and heavily influence another 22%. Successful sellers know how to build a strong business case and ROI for their solutions, yet almost 54% of sales leaders think their teams need to get better at these types of conversations.

To test your company’s ability to engage C-Suite executives, check out your CRM and see how many deals are associated with high-level customers. If you’re like most companies, that number is probably about 10% when it should be close to 100%. Teach your reps how to identify the C-level decision-makers who will drive decisions for your offerings.

Next, role-play some C-level conversations to get your reps used to focusing on business issues and financial performance rather than product features. Reps may panic in front of a C-Level decision-maker and fall into their old habits of pitching products if they haven’t been adequately prepared to change the conversation. C-Level executives who don’t see value when speaking with a rep won’t want to meet again and this could mean lost opportunities.

Today’s decisions are made by buying teams, and those teams almost always include C-level or senior decision-makers. While it’s important to engage everyone on the buying team, winning becomes much harder if your reps focus on lower-level decision-makers when selling your solution.

Make sure your reps can get in front of C-level executives and say the things that will differentiate your company from the competition.