Protect the Environment


Chlorine Free Products Association

The Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA) is an independent not-for-profit accreditation and standard-setting organization incorporated in the state of Illinois. The primary purpose of the association is to promote Total Chlorine Free (TCF) policies, programs and technologies through-out the world. Their mission is to increase market awareness by providing facts, drawing direct comparisons and highlighting process advantages for TCF and Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) products.


Ricoh Toner Cartridge Return Program

Through the Ricoh Toner Cartridge Return Program, cartridges are disassembled and all parts—including shipping and packing materials—are sorted for parts reuse, material recovery and energy recovery. The parts are cleaned and inspected using sophisticated testing systems and equipment. Those that meet Ricoh’s strict quality standards are reused in new cartridges. Parts not suitable for reuse are sent to material recovery partners. What little is left is used to generate energy. The recycling plant itself is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management and ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. The facility generates zero waste, which means that no product of its operation ends up in a landfill.


Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is an independent, non-profit organization that provides a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry. Its mission is to encourage and promote participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility of the graphic communications industry through certification and continuous improvementof sustainability and best practices within manufacturing operations.


Please Recycle Program

The Please Recycle Program is an industry-wide effort by select envelope converters to encourage the recycling of the mail. As a program participant, National Envelope offers the option to print the Please Recycle mark on all of its recyclable envelopes. The Please Recycle Program is sponsored by the Envelope Manufacturers Association in conjunction with the Direct Marketing Association and the Magazine Publishers Association. These organizations have received the endorsement of the Environmental Protection Agency to include the Please Recycle message on their products. National Envelope is a member of the Envelope Manufacturers Association.


Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created to change the dialogue about and the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. This impressive goal has in many ways been achieved, yet there is more work to be done. FSC sets forth principles, criteria and standards that span economic, social and environmental concerns. The FSC standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.


Green Seal

Green Seal develops life-cycle–based sustainability standards for products, services and companies, and offers third-party certification for those that meet the criteria in the standard. Green Seal has been actively identifying and promoting sustainability in the marketplace, and helping organizations be greener in a real and effective way since 1989. Green Seal is a non-profit organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers and companies to create a more sustainable world.


Environmental Paper Network

Environmental Paper Network (EPN) is a network of over 100 organizations working toward the Common Vision for the Transformation of the Paper Industry and a model for collaboration that is being employed by advocates around the world. EPN is a respected, credible, and influential voice on pulp and paper sustainability issues in North America and its global supply chain, and its network of non-profit organizations is effectively empowering and motivating consumers, corporations, organizations and governments to protect forests, climate, air, water and communities through more sustainable production and consumption pulp and paper.


Soy Ink

An environmentally friendly, healthy and safe approach to printing, soy ink contains non-toxic soybean oil, the same oil that is used in cooking oils, dressings and thousands of other foods and beverages. Soy inks create rich, vivid colors that “pop” off the page. They are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Soy inks are safe, sustainable, made from renewable resources and more easily stripped from paper during the de-inking and recycling process than petroleum inks.


Sustainable Forest Initiative

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) is a fully independent, charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. They work with conservation groups, local communities, resource professionals, Landowners and countless other organizations and individuals who share their passion for responsible forest management. Their forest certification standard is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value.


Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center

Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center (PNEAC) is a national collaborative of industry, university, state and federal organizations working to help the printing industry work cleaner, more efficiently and to stay ahead of the environmental compliance curve. Its mission is to assist regulatory agencies and technical assistance providers by delivering current, reliable environmental compliance and pollution prevention information to printers, publishers and packagers.