Rock Around the Clock

The mantra of today’s marketers is get the right message to the right person via the right channels at the right time. Most companies, however, view message timing in big blocks like seasons, months, weeks, days, or even AM or PM. Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is taking message delivery to the next level and rocking their e-mail marketing around the clock through personalized timed deployments.

Today more than 65% of consumers check their e-mail from mobile devices, but they are 35% less likely to open e-mails from their smartphone or tablet then they are from their desktops. Patagonia’s challenge was determining when their audience was more likely to open an e-mail from a desktop device.

To get the timing right, Patagonia turned to its marketing partner Epsilon who provided the tool and crunched the data to tell Patagonia not just when their customers are likely to open, but when they are likely to click from their desktop—which has a direct correlation to buying. Patagonia now splits their e-mail sends in to 24 hourly buckets to ensure their personalized message gets there at just the right time.

The question you should be asking is not when to send but when do customers click?