Smell Like Coconuts

A new line of sun-care products launched this summer is targeting a new audience that has been largely ignored when it comes to sun protection…men. Banana Boat, a division of Energizer Holdings, will spend an estimated $2.8 million on digital advertising to promote its new line, Banana Boat Triple Defense Sunscreen for Men.

Most sun-care products don’t address key differences between men and women, namely not wanting to smell like coconuts, fruit, or flowers, and the sometimes-greasy feel of most sun care products. In addition, men are much more likely to get sunburned, while working in their yards or playing sports. Not using sun protection on a routine basis has contributed to a 66% increase in the number of new skin cancer cases reported by men compared to women.

The new line is sold in black containers and features a fresh scent similar to aftershave gel and a faster absorbing formula. It’s being promoted through standalone point-of-purchase displays in stores selling lawn care products, pool supplies, and sporting goods.

It may be time for you to sniff out a new audience for your company. Sometimes thinking about why companies don’t buy what you’re selling and fixing it can put you on the scent of a new opportunity.