Sweaty T-Shirts

Good ideas are born every day and many of them come from a simple thought: “there has to be a better way.” The idea for Under Armour hatched from the mind of Kevin Plank as he watched his teammates struggle to pull off their sweaty t-shirts after football practice. He was not the first athlete to make such an observation but his insight launched a $3 billion company.

Innovation comes in all sizes. A few black-and-white copies and some Scotch tape solved a major problem for the heavily female crowd at the sold out One Direction concert at MetLife Stadium. A little paper skirt affixed to some of the men’s room signs increased the number of female restrooms, ensured that no wide-eyed teen-age girls missed their favorite song, and made the evening much more enjoyable for their mom/chaperones.

Try as most companies may, game changing innovation like the iPhone and NetFlix don’t come along everyday. Hitches that complicate the way your customers interact with you, use your products, or even pay for them are what put customers at risk.

Challenge your organization to master the art of thinking “there must be a better way” and see where it leads. Innovation is contagious.