That and This

One of the most common objections your sales team is likely to face when reaching out to new prospects is the dreaded “We already work with company X for that.” Instead of focusing on how to handle this objection, sales leaders should direct their attention to what caused the objection in the first place.

Think about this: most sales reps start a prospecting call with who they are and what they do. In categorizing the business you lump it in with all of the others who do that, including an existing provider.

Sounding different follows this formula: prospect’s business objective + insightful statement about an opportunity you think they are missing + offer to discuss your ideas further. It sounds like this: “78% of businesses say generating qualified leads is their top challenge. My company received one of your mailings this week and I think you are missing an opportunity to engage prospects at a much deeper level and increase the results of your lead generation efforts. Can we meet to talk about what I see?”

Most businesses have lots of competitors. Standing out means sounding different. When was the last time you listened to what your sales team is saying?