That’s Fun!

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to selling coffee, donuts and sandwiches. Smart marketers know that even though these products may seem like commodities, how customers feel about buying them doesn’t have to be.

Making something fun and creating a memorable experience for customers is a great way to differentiate your business in a crowd of competitors. That’s what Dunkin’ Donuts did with its dresseDD contest. Dunkin’ fans were invited through social media to dress up their Dunkin’ cups for Halloween and share pictures of their creations for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Only the most passionate of Dunkin’s 10 million plus fans took the time to create a Halloween masterpiece to be judged on originality and creativity, but that content turned into a visual bonanza for the brand. Cleaver images of the entries posted on social media helped to make Dunkin’ a fun brand to love and drove people to engage, buy, and perhaps, most importantly, promote the brand all over the Internet.

B2B businesses can take a page from Dunkin’s playbook. If your products are seen as commodities and you’re tired of price battles, could you differentiate by being the fun business to work with? Ask yourself the same question Jessica Gioglio social media manager for Dunkin’ Brands starts with, “What would be fun for our customers?”

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