What’s Your Story?

Rarely is your business the only game in town. You have competitors that do similar things and your prospects hear a version of the same “yada, yada, yada”— we sell print solutions or we specialize in flexible insurance or we have the most scalable computer software.

What if you didn’t tell prospects what you sell but differentiated your company with a story? What if your tale was so captivating it rivaled those from Dickens or Spielberg?

“Once upon a time there was a business owner like you Mr. Prospect. The owner tired of shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for software whose features were largely unused and set out on a quest to find a company that could help improve his business’s processes without spending an arm and a leg, and could do the unheard of, implement the solution on time and on budget. He searched the world over many times, only to find empty promises. Then one day there was a knock at his door. He tentatively answered and against his better judgment talked to a very special company. Its solution was a little bit more expensive than others, but the owner invested and in its first year of operation the business saved the difference in reduced overtime costs. The new software worked so well that the business grew by 16% over the next year. The owner smiled every time he went to the bank, and smiled even bigger when he took his first vacation to the Caribbean.”